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Way's Trip To Daytona

Hi, this page has some pictures on my trip to Daytona bike week 98. Me and my friend Greg(a.k.a. Earl)and his girlfriend Kim(a.k.a Kim):-) left Saturday evening for our long decent to Daytona. We got their around 8:00 Sunday morning. We stayed at Mark's house in Deland, around 25 miles away(long drive on a straight bumpy road). So enough of the small talk now on to the pictures.
Hope u enjoy

Daytona Bike Week Pictures

Bike line up
Heres me taking it easy at the house
Lots of bikes at International Speedway
Here's my baby at the Speedway
This is at the Supercross race on Saturday
Here's Earl making a run to the border at a rest stop
Heheheheh :-) gotchya
Check out this nice looking truck
Just a front view of the speedway
Here's Earl getting a little crazy
A must see :-)

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